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Emotions of heart

Many Emotions Can Damage the Heart. Volatile emotions like anger and hostility are bad for heart health. You might be surprised to learn that how you feel emotionally can have a big effect on your heart health. In fact, the relationship between depression and. It can be further exacerbated by emotional stress. In fact, if you have any type of heart disease, any strong emotion such as anger may also cause severe and fatal irregular heart rhythms.

Stress and your heart. Emotional stress causes a negative chain reaction within your body. If you're angry, anxious, tense, frustrated, frightened, or depressed, your body's natural response is to release stress hormones. These hormones include cortisol and adrenaline. Being perceptive to the physical sensations within our heart — and possibly other parts of the body — is linked to our emotional capabilities. Some researchers. A list of emotions illuminates the heart from different angles. There is wisdom in the way one feels about things. It is through our emotions that we connect to.

In addition to this, our heart influences our emotions. From an evolutionary standpoint, emotions do not only refer to states like happiness. Discover the truth about broken heart syndrome and the surprising connection between our emotions and our heart health. As part of the “Heart Smarts” series, “Today” explores the link between your heart health and your emotions. The heart's more than a pump — it. For optimal heart health and well-being, it is important to learn how to manage and balance our emotions, both negative and positive.