Had nonzero exit status download

Had nonzero exit status

The non-zero exit status simply indicates that there was an error during the installation of the "package". had non-zero exit status. vector.h error: for each function it appears in.) Individuals who have received this information in error or are not authorized to receive it must promptly return or dispose of the information and notify the sender. installation of package 'C:/Users/wilson-hester-genealogy.coms/Documents/R/dada2/dada2- master' had non-zero exit status". I had downloaded the zip.

Lot going on in these logs, but the meaningful bits when I try to install from CRAN inside a Docker container: My container is just a image with. installation of package 'devtools' had non-zero exit status. 3: In wilson-hester-genealogy.comes( update[instlib == l, "Package"], l, contriburl = contriburl: installation of package. “installation of package 'shinystan' had non-zero exit status”Warning message in wilson-hester-genealogy.comes("brms"): “installation of package 'brms' had.

Previous message (by thread): [R] had non-zero exit status; Next message (by thread): [R] [EXTERNAL] Re: had non-zero exit status; Messages. How about at this stage: "Do you want to install from sources the package which needs compilation? (Yes/no/cancel) yes". Instead try: no. Work on the first error, and try to install RMySQL -- biocLite("RMySQL"). I guess you'll have an error indicating that this requires the a mysql client library to be. R can sometimes have problems when directory names have spaces ("Yi Li"). You could try creating a temporary directory that does not have a space in the path.