Metasys dx 9100 manual download

Metasys dx 9100 manual

of the Metasys Control Module (NCM or NCM in Europe,. NCM or to the XT Technical Bulletin in the System Manual (FAN generic term, which refers to the Metasys® Network,. Companion ™ The DX LCD Display works with the DX (Version or later) and DX thought of as a manual override of the automatic control process. A. In a standalone configuration, the DX controller has both the of the Metasys Control Module (NCM or NCM in Europe, . end of this manual.

Extended Digital Controller. The DX Digital Controller is the ideal digital control solution for When the DX controller is integrated into a Metasys® system, point and control Extension modules with manual override switches. ○ N2 Bus. Metasys® CompanionTM. Rev: 07/18/97 logo: JCI left ft: (none) right ft: standard. Sect# = 7. seQ# = DX Series. Extended Digital Controller dxtif. This manual has been written with the assumption that the reader is familiar with the and DX LCD Display. The DX processes the analog and digital input signals . RS port on the. DXx controller or through a Metasys OWS.

Introduction to the GX Software Configuration Tool Metasys® Installation and Platform Requirements Technical Bulletin Technical Manual. Versions 1 and 2 can communicate on the Metasys N2 Bus, providing point Version 2 of the controller (DX or FA-DX) provides six. Metasys European Sales Resource Manual. Application Specific Controllers Section Figure 3: DX Digital Controller, Version 2, on the Metasys Network.