Pfc.sys file download

Pfc.sys file

I am having a problem with a “ " file being blocked by Windows 7 Pro x64 as noted inEvent Viewer. This also causes the DVD drive to. The genuine file is a software component of Padus ASPI Shell by Padus. A software development toolkit, the Padus Foundation Class for Windows allows you to create applications and software that interacts and controls your CD and DVD hardware and software. is a Windows driver. is a system driver installed along with the drivers for many CD and DVD writers. It is associated with the Advanced SCSI Programming Interface (ASPI), a standard developed by Adaptec that lets PC software control optical drives.

Files such as "" contain configuration settings and specify what device drivers should be loaded by the operating system. Without driver files such as, you wouldn't be able to do simple tasks such as printing a document. The process typically known as Padus ASPI Shell is installed with the file This is the executable file responsible for your computer system to detect your. File Download and Fix For Windows OS, dll File and exe file download.

Vista cannot load nor I have Vista Ult. 64 bit. I KNOW in the past I've gotten BSOD referring to this stupid file. You will see the file named "" in the window that opens up. This is the file. An explanation of how (Padus ASPI Shell) is used and what problems it can cause. How do I remove the driver: DVD_RW NDA Lower Class Filter: Pfc Lower Device Filter: imapi Driver Name: File.